Why Choose Safecility Energy Monitoring?

Safecility is a flexible sensor and software platform that remotely tracks energy usage in your buildings and gives you real time information to cut costs, reduce usage and improve operational efficiency.

Safecility energy monitors are wireless sensors that are simple to install and scale. We offer several types of pre-commissioned sensor devices to track power, solar PV generation, water and gas usage without any rewiring. Sensors send usage data to the Safecility platform where analytics are compiled into easy to view graphs, dashboards and reports.

With our energy monitoring solution, connectivity is “over the top” meaning you do not need to give access to your local IT network. The sensors connect directly to the internet using a Low Powered Wide Area Network and begin streaming data within 20 minutes.

Get valuable insights and stay on top of your energy usage with Safecility.

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Safecility’s energy monitoring system is the effortless way to track your energy usage

Wireless simple to install sensors and easy to use analytics dashboard

Monitoring sensors are installed in seconds

Monitoring sensors do not need local internet access to operate

Sensors are either self powered or, powered by 10+ year batteries

Sensors can track power, water and gas

Real-time usage analytics viewable in the Safecility Software platform

Unreliable and costly connectivity to the cloud does not work in today's fast paced business world.

Energy management in business is increasingly important as we stare down the barrel of a climate and energy crisis. Sensor technology such as energy monitors have the potential to help extract valuable insights and analytics from buildings to help reduce costs and make better and more environmentally friendly usage decisions – but only when executed properly.

When sensors are installed, they need to be simple to retrofit and have robust connectivity through the thickest of walls, or even underground. Connectivity of the sensors to the cloud should also be quick and seamless. When there is poor network coverage or set up is difficult, it leads to:

Additional hardware cost because network boosters are required to fill coverage gaps.

A clunky setup experience making it harder to scale

Connection issues that result in incomplete data analytics and user frustration

Safecility's Energy Monitoring System is designed to make your life easier

We offer the best solution on the market for retrofit energy monitoring in buildings. Sensors are flexible and easy to install so you can start tracking your energy usage within minutes. Our sensors are self powered or have 10+ year battery lifetimes so you get long term insights and deep analytics without having to worry about replacing batteries. Sensors connect using LoRaWAN a Low Powered Wide Area Network that penetrates through all types of building fabrics ensuring consistent reliable coverage. 

Data is correlated into our software platform so you benefit from real-time accurate energy usage statistics. Analytics and usage graphs let you make targeted energy reduction steps, keep on top of your billing and identify areas of energy wastage in your business. 

Energy Monitoring for Small to Medium Businesses

Although very powerful tools, enterprise energy monitoring solutions that are costly and complex to use are not viable for the vast majority of businesses. Vendor locked-in hardware, inflated software platforms and multi-year contracts mean you’re paying for inflexible solutions and spending valuable time fussing with tricky software

With Safecility, simple agnostic energy monitoring sensors are retrofit in minutes and vital usage data is streamed directly to you on one easy-to-use powerful platform. You’ll save valuable time and get all the context you need without having to pay for extra added features you won’t use.

Safecility Energy Monitoring for SMEs

Avoid billing surprises with Safecility

The days of anxiously waiting for your utility bills to arrive are gone. With Safecility’s energy platform you can see your usage and current up to date billing calculations so you’re not confronted with any nasty surprises. And because our sensors are agnostic, you’re not tied into a smart meter rate that can potentially end up more costly than your original rate.

Safecility Energy Billing

Where your ESG and Sustainability efforts come together

It’s a tough job for modern businesses measuring, tracking and complying with sustainability and environmental targets. If you don’t have access to real time energy usage data you’re faced with scattered information, no insight into circuit level usage and no warning when there’s unusual consumption spikes. 

With the Safecility platform you have access to minute by minute energy usage data, comparison graphs and downloadable ESG and usage reports all in one place. Safecility is the simplest way to get high quality ‘behind the meter’ data to demonstrate your sustainability efforts are working.

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Safecility's energy monitoring system was made to meet your business needs without unnecessary complexity

A connected platform to help you stay on track

With tools to manage your energy and keep everyone up to date and informed.

Learn more about the platform (Link to platform walk through video)

Real time energy usage data

Daily, weekly and monthly usage

Circuit level data

Solar PV generation analytics

Easily share information across teams

View usage peaks and troughs for better demand management

High usage notifications

Spot trends and find ways to improve efficiency and profit margins

Reporting dashboard

View usage peaks and troughs for better demand management

High usage notifications

Analytics for improved load balancing

Discover how your business could benefit from energy monitoring

Knowledge is power – test out our energy monitors and see for yourself how easy tracking your energy can be.

Safecility Energy Monitoring LP

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