Sensori Facilities Management

Safecility helps Sensori FM boost their Emergency Compliance and reduce site visits by 90%


Reduction in site visits to Emergency Lighting

10 mins

Device installation time

I.S. 3217

Compliance with Irish Emergency Lighting Standards

Sensori Facilities Management

Sensori Facilities Management was formed as a strategic partnership in 2018 between two of Ireland’s leading construction related companies, John Sisk & Son and Designer Group. Operating in sectors including, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Public Buildings, and Retail- Sensori FM provide full facilities management services for their clients via their on site teams and mobile technicians. As a technology driven company they embrace innovation, data analytics and building information technology in their approach to facilities management. When looking for a way to evolve their existing emergency lighting processes which were overwhelmingly manual and time consuming, Sensori FM found Safecility the ideal solution.

Breaking Tradition

Sensori FM understands that integrating the right kind of technology into their operations can aid the path to success. Mark Cullen, Managing Director explains “As an innovative facilities management company we’re always looking for new technology to better manage buildings and ensure that occupants are as safe as possible.” 

For a company with clients in a range of sectors spread all over the country, compliance testing of emergency lighting is a huge undertaking. Technicians spend a lot of their time going back and forth inspecting and testing lights every month with zero early warning about how the lights and batteries are performing. This means when issues crop up during testing that need to be fixed, like a bulb or battery replacement, the technician needs to order the part and return to site again to complete the repair. The team at Sensori FM knew there must be a better and more efficient way to carry out testing without compromising on compliance.

Bringing Emergency Lighting into the digital age

As one of Ireland’s leading providers of facility management services to large businesses such as Astellas, Amazon and Dropbox, Sensori FM wanted to find a flexible solution that would let them automate emergency lighting testing at scale quickly and easily. With those requirements in mind, they were won over by Safecility, a wireless sensor that can be easily installed in any DALI light. Safecility’s flexibility came out on top as it allowed them to achieve all they hoped for without the hassle of additional wiring or local internet access. 


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“As an Innovative Facilities Management company we’re always looking for new technology to better manage buildings and ensure that occupants are as safe as possible. Partnering with Safecility means we can make this process more efficient”.

– Mark Cullen, 

Managing Director, 

Sensori FM.

When it came to installing the system, MD Mark decided to showcase the technology in their Head Office. “The retrofit of Safecility’s sensors in our office has immediately turned our standard emergency lighting into a smart system. Installation was really simple and the system lets us add to it in future – if we choose to, we can have any number of emergency lights, in any location with an unlimited number of buildings.” 

After seeing how quick and painless set-up was, Mark is excited to see the impact it will have on their wider operations, “It reduces maintenance technician site visit requirements by 90% which will deliver significant savings, and most importantly improve compliance. We also have access to live real time data through a simple log in, so on top of being able to view everything instantly, we can also react much more quickly and efficiently to replace any failing lights.”

Infinite scalability with automation and integrations

With plans to automate more compliance testing in the future, Safecility gives Sensori FM the tools to easily automate emergency lighting testing for their clients and deliver best in class facility management services.

Safecility can be installed in just one building, or a thousand buildings. It is infinitely scalable and requires no extra wiring or installation of gateways. Other compliance sensor solutions like Legionella monitoring are also available. Results can be streamed directly to the Safecility platform, or via an API to other building management systems. To find out how Safecility can make your building compliance simple and stress free contact us today for a free demo.