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See exactly how much money you can save by switching from manual to automated emergency lighting testing

When emergency lights are tested manually, an engineer must physically walk the building to inspect lights. This is a time-consuming and tedious task that’s not always completed accurately or reliably.

Added to that, it’s often not practical or safe to carry out testing during normal operational hours, so the process must be staggered or done outside of office hours. 

Automatic testing using Safecility simplifies the entire emergency lighting testing process and is incredibly cost-effective. Our wireless automatic testing sensor is designed and built by us to make testing as simple as possible. The sensor uses cloud-based monitoring to eliminate the need for manual testing and manual compiling of reports.

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Your emergency lighting testing and record keeping taken care of

A wireless retrofit ATS system that carries out your emergency lighting testing and record keeping, compliant with BS 5266, BS 50172.

Find out what you can save on your emergency lighting testing.