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Safecility named Finalist for Ireland stage of Zurich Innovation World Championship

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The team at Safecility are delighted to be named as one of the Ireland Finalists for the Zurich Innovation World Championship.

We strongly believe that paper compliance reports have become a high-risk practice for estate managers. When we speak to our customers, they have all stressed their problems with data quality as a result of relying on paper to complete their compliance testing (for systems like fire alarms, emergency lighting, smoke detectors etc.).

The world we work in is now governed by digital tools which make it possible to see events clearly in near-real time. What we rely on at work — slack, email, docs and databases — are unavailable to paper-reliant compliance processes.

Regulators and executives are being conditioned to expect data-rich reporting and teams to be data-driven in their decisions (repairs, oversight, planned predictive maintenance). The challenge of data management and data entry from potentially thousands of pages of reports per quarter is a major headache for our customers.


We are delighted Zurich see our work; eliminating paper forms and helping Estate Managers save lives and go digital, as worthy of a place in the finals and we can’t wait for the pitches and results.

At Safecility we are incredibly passionate about our mission to eliminate paper reporting and help Estate Managers convert to digital compliance methodologies.

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