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Emergency Light Controller

Safecility’s autonomous wireless sensor turns standard emergency lighting into an automatic testing system.

Emergency lighting is battery operated lighting that illuminates in the event of a power outage. If you’re a building owner, installing, testing, checking and maintaining emergency lighting is legally required to ensure that the light and battery is capable of functioning properly in the event of an emergency.

With Safecility, your costly and time consuming on site testing is no longer needed as tests are executed remotely and faults recorded by our software platform.

Safecility Platform

Energy Monitoring

Safecility IoT energgy monitoring

Safecility’s Wireless Energy Usage Monitors let businesses track their energy usage for ESG reporting and billing certainty.

Energy monitors are simple devices that monitor electricity usage in real time.

The wireless monitors collect the pulse output from an energy meter and report this information to a software dashboard in either Amp hours or KWHours.

Realtime energy usage data lets businesses spot trends, keep an eye on usage spikes and discover where energy is being used in their buildings.

Environmental Sensors

Discrete and easy to install, our environmental sensors help housing providers comply with regulatory requirements.

Landlords can remotely keep an eye on their properties to support residents with higher care needs while also reducing repair costs though the early detection of problems. Legislation in the UK and Ireland is in place to make sure that rental properties are fit for habitation. Tenants must be provided with accommodation that is safe, secure, warm, dry, correctly ventilated and with proper water supply.

Safecility Environmental Sensors

Legionella Compliance

Safecility Legionella Compliance

Safecility’s IoT water temperature monitor enables businesses to cost effectively meet their statuatory obligations to provide a healthy and safe water supply

Legionella bacterium is mitigated through active monitoring of water outflow temperature. If the temperature conditions for legionella are not achieved, growth of the bacteria is prevented.

Daily reports are provided by Safecility so if potential conditions for the growth of legionella are detected, maintenance are informed and direct action can be taken before it can take hold.

Other Sensor Solutions

At Safecility we provide and install a variety of sensors to solve our clients needs.

Smart Button

A wireless button that can be installed anywhere in your building and used to call someone, send an alert, start or stop something or provide feedback.

Footfall Counting

Anonymous indoor counting system that helps you understand customer traffic and building use.

Bin Monitoring

Remotely monitor waste levels to make waste management more efficient and prevent messy overflowing bins.


Track the availability of your parking spaces and log the time in use. Occupancy information can be shared in real time with customers or visitors for improved parking experience.

Desk Usage

Make data based decisions and anticipate employee needs with anonymous real-time desk usage information. Optimise comfort levels in busy areas and pin-point underused areas.

Asset Tracking

Accurately track the location of your assets in real time. Suitable for tracking small objects like laptops and tools all the way up to large machinery and vehicles.

Door Monitoring

Monitor access and get alerts if a door isn’t closed fully. Discreet magnetic door sensors monitor open/close status and let you know when intervention is needed.

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting room booking system with up to date occupancy and availability sensing. No-show bookings are instantly re-opened so you can make the most of the space available to you.

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