Category: Building Safety

Make the SHIFT towards a better environment for all

We have dealt many times with SHIFT Environment, here’s how they describe their sustainability vision and environmental reporting services. Our vision is for all UK homes and buildings to be warm, inexpensive to run, surrounded by luscious biodiverse greenery and resilient to the adverse effects of climate change.  The...
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Safecility Appointed to The SHED Procurement Framework

We’re delighted to announce that Safecility has been appointed to Procurement for Housing’s SHED framework. What is SHED? SHED stands for Social Housing Emerging Disruptors. Challenges posed by Covid, materials and labour shortages, plus surging demand for low carbon, building safety and development works have created an unparalleled environment...
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Digital Twin Cheat Sheet For Social Housing

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a real-life physical object or process. Digital Twins for asset managers, give unparalleled real-time insights into what’s happening within their properties for dynamic building management and quick informed decision making. When you hear the term ‘digital twin’ what comes to mind?...
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